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Oxfordshire Cross Country League

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League Rules & Constitution

Below are the rules and constitution of the Oxfordshire Cross Country League.

League Rules (– last updated: 22nd October 2021)

General League Rules

The League is run according to the current UKA Rules of Competition.

  1. All member clubs of the League must be affiliated to the national governing body – England Athletics (EA).
  2. The Entry Fee to the League is based on the number of participants in the previous season as follows: £80 for clubs with up to 25 participants; £130 for clubs with 26–79 participants; £180 for clubs with 80 or more participants.
  3. Only fully paid up members of the clubs entered in the League will be eligible to compete.
  4. All athletes must be a member of an EA affiliated club.
  5. All athletes of age 11 years and above must be registered as paid–up EA affiliated athletes.
  6. Athlete club affiliations, EA registrations and eligibility to compete will be checked.
  7. An athlete’s first claim club status takes precedence.
  8. No athlete may compete for his/her second claim club, while his/her first claim club is a member of the League.
  9. Bona–fide second claim club members may compete, but must be registered with the League by the deadline for entries for the first round.
  10. Un–registered second claim members may run, but will be treated as guest runners.
  11. In the event of a change of club it is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure the proper transfer procedure has been completed as clearly set out on the EA website – see the Team Managers’ Guide for more details.
  12. No competitor may compete for more than one club during the course of a season.
  13. Unattached runners are not permitted to run.
  14. Guests may be permitted to run with the prior permission of the League Manager provided they are a member of an EA affiliated club and are registered as paid–up EA affiliated athlete, but will not be eligible for prizes.
  15. The age qualification date to determine the athlete’s age category for the season is the 31st August immediately prior to the commencement of the current season.
  16. U9 athletes, aged 7 on the age date (31st August), must be 8 years of age on the day of the fixture to comply with the League’s minimum age rule.
  17. On–the–day entries for athletes aged 8, 9 or 10 years only are permitted using the club’s ‘spare’ race numbers provided for that purpose.
  18. No entries will be accepted on the day for athletes aged 11 years or above.
  19. Athletes must run and compete in their correct age category.
  20. All entries for Round 1 are to be received by midnight on the Sunday, 13 days prior to the fixture.
  21. All entries for each subsequent fixture are to be received by midnight on the Sunday, 6 days prior to each subsequent fixture.
  22. All competitors aged 11 years of age and upwards on the day of the race must wear club vests or club t–shirts. No club vest or club t–shirt – no score. Note: Athletes aged 8, 9 or 10 years of age on the day of the race are not required to wear club vests or club t–shirts.
  23. All competitors must wear an OXL race number for the current season – please refer to the Race Numbers section below.
  24. All race numbers are assigned and issued by the Entries & Results Secretary.
  25. Overall individual awards will be based on the best four out of five results achieved by each competitor i.e. to qualify, competitors must complete at least four of the five rounds.
  26. In the event of a fixture cancellation the overall individual awards will be based on the best three out of four results achieved by each competitor.
  27. Competitors switching between clubs within the League during the season will keep individual and team scores prior to the club switch but will be treated as guest runners thereafter, i.e. they will not score further in either the individual or team competitions.
  28. Any number of runners from member clubs may compete.
  29. For the purposes of team results several age categories will be combined in each of the races 6–9 (please see section ‘Race Day Format’ below).
  30. The winner of each race will score 1 point, the 2nd finisher 2 points, and so on.
  31. The winning team will be the one scoring the lowest number of points.
  32. Team points are calculated by totalling the points scored by each team in groups of seven for Race 8 (men) and groups of three for the other team races (Races 4–7 and 9).
  33. Any incomplete A team will have the team score made up by adding to that total the appropriate number of last finisher + 1 scores to make the full team.
  34. The same method of scoring will apply to all other teams (i.e. B, C, etc. teams) except that all such teams will require more than half the necessary number of finishers (i.e. a minimum of 4 runners in Race 8 or 2 runners in Races 4–7 and 9) to qualify as a team and count in the results.
  35. Individual and team standings are determined as detailed on the Overall Standings Calculation page under the Resources section of this website.
  36. Any runners wearing earplugs/headphones will be disqualified.

Race Numbers

  1. Runners finishing without a number (either worn or held visibly) will not be placed.
  2. Guest runners will wear special numbers identifying them as such.
  3. Any runner seen wearing a race number for the wrong season or for another event in an OXL race will automatically be disqualified from the race.
  4. Upon approval of the Entries Secretary, an athlete who fails to be entered in time for a fixture may be permitted to run without a race number and, as such, will not appear in the results.

The above rules will be enforced on the day by the Race Referee in conjunction with the League Manager.

Guide for Team Managers

Team Managers: PLEASE refer to the Team Managers’ Guide provided under the Resources section of this website.

We once again ask for your support in applying these rules in order to facilitate the smooth running of the League.

Guide for Race Directors

Race Directors: PLEASE refer to the Race Directors’ Guide provided under the Resources section of this website.

Thank you very much for hosting an OXL fixture. We will do our best to support you in any aspect of the fixture organisation you may require.

Team Promotions/Relegations

As approved at the 2018 AGM team promotions/relegations for the season–end 2018–19 results onwards will operate on a straight 2 up/2 down basis (i.e. in each division the top two teams will be promoted and the bottom two relegated irrespective of points scored) at the end of each season.

League Constitution

League Constitution

  • The League’s Constitution as reviewed and approved at the 2021 AGM.