2020–21 OXL Cancellation Notice

04 Sep 2020
On account of the continuing pandemic and lack of guidance from national governing bodies, the OXL committee has taken the decision in consultation with representatives of the fixture hosting clubs to immediately cancel the first two fixtures (November and December rounds) of the 2020–21 season.

As things currently stand, it is highly questionable whether or not the remaining three scheduled fixtures will go ahead. On that basis, there will be no competitions and no prizes at the end of the season should any of those fixtures go ahead.

The committee will monitor developments with a view to assessing what may or may not be possible once the national governing bodies have published their guidelines and having run their trial events. It is therefore a case of watch this space!

Lastly, the small matter of the outstanding 2020 OXL AGM is to be addressed on account of the COVID–19 pandemic via an extraordinary AGM video conference meeting limited to the OXL committee members and representatives of the fixture hosting clubs. The sole purpose of that meeting will be to provisionally approve the year–end accounts and to defer rest of the scheduled content of the meeting to the 2021 AGM, assuming that goes ahead of course.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Entered by: Dene Stringfellow