2019–20 Officials, Timekeepers & Volunteers Required

16 Sep 2019
The number of Oxon officials available to assist at fixtures remains a dwindling resource. It is unreasonable to expect this small handful of volunteers to make themselves available to cover all events. This continues to be a ticking time–bomb, being a result of the lack of volunteer officials coming forward to replace those who have retired.

The OXL will therefore need to supply the following resources from the member clubs:

Fixture Referee
(1 per fixture required)

Needs to be a senior club representative with commensurate experience of cross country.
The role may involve:
• Close finishes arbitration
• Resolve issues relating to athletes going off–course and finding out why it happened
In liaison with the OXL League Manager:
• Deal with complaints about athletes, coaches, team managers
• Make decisions that may lead to athlete disqualification

Please refer to the following netional governing body resource: www.englandathletics.org/officiating

(2–4 per fixture required)

Ideally should be a person with some previous experience of cross country with a timekeeping qualification. Otherwise can be someone who wants to learn and will act initially as a Timekeeper’s scribe.

In addition, all non–hosting clubs will be expected to provide volunteer marshals as in previous seasons albeit the requirement has now had to be changed – see below.

Volunteer Marshals
(2 volunteers from all non–hosting clubs required to cover the Rounds 2–4 fixtures, plus all clubs required to supply volunteers to help lay on the Round 1 fixture should a venue be secured.)

Please could anyone interested in volunteering for the Event Adjudicator, Fixture Referee and Timekeeper roles contact the League Manager as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention.

Entered by: Dene Stringfellow