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Oxfordshire Cross Country League

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Race Results Recording


This information below details exactly what is required in terms of recording results at the finish funnel for the purposes of the Oxfordshire Cross Country League (OXL).

Target Audience

It is intended for those clubs that host a race. However, it will also be useful for all other runners as well, so they understand requirements as they compete in the league.

Recording Results

Since the 2006–7 season, the results for the OXL have been produced in a manner similar to virtually all other running races – runners wear race numbers, which are recorded at the finish funnel. (Prior to this, discs were handed out to each runner, and subsequently collected, along with the runner name.)

For this system to work therefore, the race numbers need to be recorded at the finish funnel. Providing individuals to record race numbers is a responsibility of the club hosting the race. Normally, 2 pairs of recorders will be required, so that 2 sets of race numbers can be recorded. This lets us troubleshoot any mistakes or queries. So, host clubs ideally need to provide 4 people to record numbers, with a caller and writer within each pair.

The League positions a referee on the finishing line, who will ensure runners enter the funnel in the correct order. Nonetheless, runners will sometimes break order, leave the funnel, or act otherwise to make recording their numbers hard! This is where the caller is important (particularly in the larger races). The caller can help to keep runners in the correct order and slow progression through the funnel so that all numbers are recorded.

The results coordinator (currently Dene Stringfellow) will collect completed race number sheets from the recorders.

Summary for Race Directors

  • Clubs hosting races need to provide individuals to record race numbers for all races (mini–minors through to adult races).
  • 4 individuals should be provided (2 pairs of a caller and writer).
  • Recorders are encouraged to write neatly (which can be hard in the cold and wet), but best efforts are much appreciated!
  • Ideally, host clubs will be able to provide proper clipboards with waterproof cover. Additionally, in poor weather, a conveniently positioned tent/gazebo/car can help to keep the recording sheets dry.
  • Pencil is often clearer than pen.
  • Notify the Race Director, and/or League Officials if there is a problem.
  • Races should not be started unless recorders are in place ready.
  • Blank sheets for recording results can be found here.
  • Because the results of a round are dependant on those recording numbers, ideally people experienced with recording should be used.

Neat, nicely recorded race numbers make results processing far quicker and easier, so your efforts are appreciated. Many thanks.